PriApps & Universal Print

PriApps enhances Universal Print by allowing users to securely release print jobs at any printer or MFP, track usage, apply print rules & quotas, and assign Cost Account or Client Matter codes for Cost Recovery

Secure Print Release

PriApps allows Microsoft 365 users to use Universal Print to release print jobs from their personal myQueue at any printer or MFP at any office location.  Users no longer need to worry about drivers, or print queues, or whether the printer is available, and secure print release eliminates the confidentiality issues around unattended print jobs at the printer being read by co-workers.

Usage Tracking & Rules

PriApps ensures that every print job that passes through Universal Print is tracked.  Wide-ranging data, including print job attributes, originating applications, document details, as well as user and printer data, are all available for reporting & analytical purposes.  Organizations can also apply print rules and user quotas to any print job from Universal Print to better control printing and reduce costs.

Cost Recovery

PriApps helps Legal & Professional Services firms and those organizations looking to bill back Universal Print costs to clients, departments, business units or projects.  Users can assign Cost Account or Client Matter codes to any job from Universal Print and PriApps offers integration to many leading Accounting, Billing & Case Management systems seamless billing.

With PriApps, Universal Print users don’t have to print to a specific printer anymore. Now you have your own personal myQueue that you can use to release jobs at any printer at any office location…

Securely release your Universal Print jobs at any printer or MFP using the PriApps Touch-Free app or your web browser 

PriApps UIs
PriApps Cost Recovery with Microsoft Universal print

Assign Cost Account or Client Matter codes to your Universal Print jobs & combine with copy, scan & fax usage for seamless Cost Recovery

Track all your Universal Print usage for accurate Reporting & easily output data to Power BI for business Analytics & Interactive Visualizations

PriApps’ Rules-based printing helps influence user behavior, reduce your print costs & eliminates waste

Use your employee ID card or door access badge to securely release your Universal Print jobs at any printer or MFP