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PriApps for Microsoft 365 Universal Print integration

PriApps enhances Universal Print by allowing Microsoft 365 users to securely release print jobs at any printer or MFP, track usage, apply print rules & quotas, and assign Cost Account or Client Matter codes for Cost Recovery

PriApps delivers the most SECURE Print Management & Document Capture solution for Microsoft 365 users through its native, API-level integration to Universal Print & Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

With PriApps, your existing print devices are immediately available to all Microsoft 365 users without having to publish them in Universal Print through a Connector. Now you have your own personal PriApps myQueue that you can use to release jobs at ANY make or model of printer & MFP

Our native API-level integration to Universal Print means that you will NEVER be charged for print jobs that are not released through PriApps, unlike other print management solutions that use a customized connector, where you WILL be charged by Microsoft for EVERY print job submitted, even for jobs that are NEVER printed!

PriApps enhances Universal Print by providing a range of Powerful Features designed to Reduce your Print & Copy Costs, Increase the Security of your confidential business documents, Improve the Productivity or your Microsoft 365 users, and Eliminate Waste

Secure Print Release

With PriApps, Microsoft 365 users can securely release their print jobs at ANY make or model of printer or MFP.  This ensures that confidential documents are not left unattended, and helps reduce costs & eliminates waste.

Users also benefit from the flexibility of being able to release jobs at any printer, not just the one they set their print job to. So if a print device is in use, or not available for any reason, they can simply release their jobs at a more convenient device.

PriApps offers a range of options for users to release their print jobs, including apps for MFPs, mobile & browser-based apps, as well as using card readers for ID cards or door access badges.

Usage Tracking & Reporting

Universal Print provides 6 data points in its Usage Reports.  PriApps tracks over 100 data points for every print job, which can be augmented with data from 3rd party systems such as billing, accounting & case management.

PriApps offers over 100 report templates that can be scheduled & distributed in a variety of formats including PDF, DOCX, XLXS & CSV.

PriApps also tracks Copy, Scan & Fax usage on MFPs and can output data to over 100 business applications as well as Microsoft Power BI for detailed business analytics & data visualizations.

Rules-based Printing

PriApps allows Microsoft 365 customers to control print usage, reduce costs, & eliminate waste through its powerful rules-based printing engine.

  • Are your users printing too much color?
  • Do you want to re-direct jobs to more cost-effective devices?
  • Do you want to control access to specific device functions & features?

PriApps allows you to enforce print rules & policies as well as provide informed messages to educate users and influence their behavior.

Our Quota Management module helps focus user attention on how and what they are printing, which can also be applied to copy, scan & fax usage on MFPs.

Cost Recovery & Billing

PriApps Cost Recovery with Microsoft Universal print

PriApps now allows Microsoft 365 users to assign Cost Account or Client Matter codes to any print job from Universal Print.  This, combined with the ability to assign codes to Copy, Scan & Fax usage at MFPs, offers Legal & Professional Services firms, and any other organization for that matter, to accurately bill clients, projects, as well as cost & profit centers.

With seamless integration to over 100 billing, accounting & case management systems, recovering your print, copy, scan & fax costs has never been easier.

Contactless Print, Copy, Scan & Fax

Touch-Free iOS & Browser UIs

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, PriApps led the way by being the first, and so far ONLY, company to offer a completely Contactless Print, Copy, Scan & Fax app for any make or model of printer or MFP. 

PriApps Touch-Free allows Microsoft 365 users to securely release their print jobs at ANY print device using their mobile device or via a web browser on any computer.

Personalized Scan Workflows

PriApps MFP UI - Dashboard

In addition to unsurpassed print management functionality, PriApps also provides Personalized Scan Workflows to Microsoft 365 users via the control panel of MFPs or through our contactless app, PriApps Touch-Free.

Through our integration to Azure AD, PriApps is able to personalize your user experience on MFPs so that you do not need to enter your email address or home folder when performing scan workflows.  PriApps also makes it easy to scan to Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and a host of other file storage and document management systems.