PriApps Product Suite

PriApps is a modular Product Suite that allows organizations to understand, manage & control their print & copy usage in order to reduce costs, increase security, improve staff productivity and eliminate waste.

Usage Tracking & Reporting

  • Track all print, copy, scan and fax usage
  • Over 100 report templates covering usage, pricing and cost savings
  • Automatically schedule & distribute reports by email
  • Easily export data to for billing and offline analysis
  • Identify trends, formulate print rules, discover what you didn’t know!

Rules-based Printing & Policy Management

Control user access to color for print & copy –

Set print policies such as force duplex or print quality –

Set min & max page thresholds by print device or device type –

Enforce print policies by application type –

Re-direct large print jobs to high volume devices or the print room / CRD –

Migrate output from expensive to more cost effective devices –

Influence user behavior with informed user messages –

Secure Print Release

Secure Print Release

  • Embedded MFP UI for secure print release at the device
  • Release print jobs at printers via ID cards or Mobile app
  • Supports delegate printing
  • Change print job attributes at the MFP before release
  • Configurable options to purge held print jobs

Centralized Printer & Driver Management

Eliminate the need for Print Servers –

Automatically import printers & drivers from existing print servers –

Easily create & maintain a single organizational model for all printers & MFPs –

Centrally manage & administer all printers & drivers –

Remotely deploy, delete & update printer drivers to workstations & servers –

Self-service portal for authorized users to download the correct drivers –

Single Sign-On (SSO) for MFPs

  • Full Single Sign-On (SSO) with native MFP apps & 3rd party solutions
  • AD/LDAP Sync for seamless user management
  • Multiple user authentication options at MFPs, including
    – ID Cards / RFiD Badges
    – PriApps iOS & Android app
    – Full network credentials via MFP UI
    – PIN / Shortcode via MFP UI
    – Google & Microsoft Account login
  • Allows users to self-register ID cards & mobile app

Mobile & BYOD Printing

Allows users to print from ANY mobile device to ANY network print device –

Submit documents by mobile app, email, or secure webpage upload –

Supports AirPrint and Google CloudPrint –

View & release print jobs on ANY print device via PriApps mobile apps –

Print a virtually ANY document formats, including Microsoft Office –

Cost Recovery & Billing

  • Assign print, copy, scan & fax usage to specific Clients, Projects, Departments etc.
  • Create pricing models by Client, by Project, by Department, etc.
  • Easily export billing data as CSV, XML or in Microsoft Excel format
  • Create different pricing models by device type, usage type, or specific page attribute

Quota Management

Set quotas by user, group, price, Account, click, color/mono, or page –

Create multiple price lists for different users or Cost Accounts –

Synchronize quotas across multiple PriApps servers –

Create print and copy rules based on user quotas –

View user quotas on managed MFPs and workstation notifications –

Enterprise Output Management

  • Consolidates and replaces all existing print servers
  • Captures & tracks output from business application servers
  • Supports a heterogeneous networks, including AS400, UNIX/Linux & mainframe output
  • Proven enterprise scalability

Hospitality Print

Allow guests to print securely without network access –

No need to download app of occasional usage –

Track and even charge guests for print usage –

Provide kiosk based printing via email or webpage upload –