Print Management

Reduce Print & Copy Costs

Reduce your print & copy costs by up to 80% and more with PriApps Know How…

  • Re-direct print to the most cost effective devices
  • Control color and prevent unauthorized usage
  • Create, Manage & Enforce Print & Copy Policies
  • Influence user behavior with informative messages & notifications
  • Eliminate unattended print scattered around the office that users forget about
  • Use print & copy quotas to make users think twice
  • Identify & remove under-utilized printers & copiers
  • Eliminate Print Servers, because with PriApps, you won’t need them anymore

Increase Security & Confidentiality

PriApps makes your sensitive business document more secure

Prevent unauthorized printing & copying –

Ensure confidential documents aren’t left lying around unattended –

Implement Secure Print Release at any or all printers & MFPs –

Full audit trail of all print, copy, scan and fax usage –

Use staff ID cards for secure Single Sign-On to all MFP features –

Print Management

Improve User Productivity

PriApps helps make your users become more productive with less printing issues

  • Allow users to release their jobs at any PriApps managed device, so no more waiting on busy or broken printers
  • Support BYOD initiatives by quickly and easily connecting users to your print & copy infrastructure
  • Remove print servers as a single point of failure of your printing infrastructure
  • Educate users and help then understand reason behind your print policies
  • Reduce the impact on your helpdesk.  Less printing issues and easy to use driver management

Eliminate Waste

PriApps helps with environmental initiates by reducing unnecessary waste, and making printing & copying significantly more efficient

Prevent unnecessary printing & copying –

Identify opportunities to reduce color and increase duplex printing –

Reduce waste from print jobs that are never collected –

Re-direct printing to more efficient & environmentally friendly equipment –

Reduce your carbon footprint –

Whatever your preference, PriApps has you covered…




Key Features

  • Print & Copy Usage Tracking
  • Rules-based Printing & Policy Management
  • Secure Print Release / Pull Printing
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for MFPs
  • Quota Management
  • Cost Recovery & Billing
  • Personalized Scan Workflows & Copy/Fax Control
  • Centralized Printer & Driver Management
  • Mobile & BYOD Printing
  • Output Management

Works with ANY make and model of printer or MFP, including:


Print from ANY Device – on ANY Platform – in ANY Format