PriApps Contactless Printing

Contactless Printing

Contactless Printing from PriApps allows organizations comply with social distancing guidelines and helps minimize the threat from the community transfer of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. 


PriApps provides a range of contactless print, copy and scan technologies that virtually eliminates the need for people physically touch a printer or MFP.  Options include securely releasing print jobs from any application on any operating system, to offering a full Single Sign-On (SSO) experience at an MFP via the PriApps Mobile app.

Social Distancing

With social distancing set to become the new norm in the workplace going forward, PriApps helps people and organizations comply with government guidelines.  PriApps’ Secure Print Release allows users to release print jobs at any printer or MFP on the network, and thereby avoid specific devices that may already be in use by a co-worker.


The control panel of MFPs is one of the surfaces that is touched most by employees when printing, copying and scanning.  PriApps dramatically reduces the need for employees to physically touch printers and MFPs through its contactless technology.

With PriApps you don’t have to print to a specific printer anymore, you now have your own personal myQueue that you can use to release documents at any printer, even at another office location…

Securely release your print jobs at any printer or MFP using the PriApps Mobile app, or even via a simple webpage 

PriApps UIs

Use your employee ID card or door access badge to securely release your print jobs at any printer or MFP