Leadership Team

Peter Turnbull President & CEO of PriApps Print Management & Document Capture Solutions

Peter Turnbull

President & CEO

In my own words…

I’ve been working in the office document technologies market for over 25 years now. I started off on the software side of things back in my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. While working for DataCAD, I got involved with a small Silicon Valley start-up called Documentum. Over the next 5 years it grew into the global market leader for document and content management. It was a great learning curve for me. Not only did I get a ring-side insight into one of the most famous high-tech success stories of the late 1990s, I learned a lot about understanding the customer’s needs and delivering the whole product offering.

I’m passionate about solving problems, whether they’re about how I can improve my customer’s business processes and eliminate waste, or whether they’re more mundane, such as ‘how can I get my road bike to go faster around the track!’ Well, I’m probably getting too old to win the Cat 1, 2, 3 crit race in my adopted home town of Austin, TX, but still full of excitement and energy at helping my customers solve their business challenges.

PriApps has been a passion for me since Grant and I started it in 2009. Back then I just wanted to print from my Blackberry, and I knew I wasn’t the only one. Technology has moved on, but print management still has many challenges that have yet to be addressed. Businesses, schools, universities, government organizations, hospitals…the list goes on…all need new and innovate ways to eliminate unnecessary print, yet make the print they do need to make cost effective, secure and easy for their staff and clients.

2018 sees PriApps enter a new phase in its development. Over the last 8 years I’ve personally helped a number of our private label partners grow their businesses globally. You may have met me while I was running Drivve, Inc., or more recently at Print Control Software, Inc.  Now it’s time for PriApps to come out of the shadows and help you, our customers, more directly in partnership with our dealers and resellers worldwide.

Oh, and when I’m not doing that, I WILL be riding my bike and racing at the Driveway Series in Austin, TX!

Grant Levett CTO of PriApps Print Management & Document Capture Solutions

Grant Levett

Chief Technology Officer

Grant is a well respected guru within the print management world.  Over the last 30 years Grant has held a number of senior management positions at Primary Systems, Macro 4 plc and now PriApps. During his time at Macro 4, Grant was instrumental in helping the business reach its global market leading position in the Distributed Output Management (DOM) market and was involved in many of the largest business critical output management systems (OMS) implementations across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

At PriApps Grant heads up the R&D team based out of the United Kingdom.  When he’s not directing the team , you’ll probably find him riding one of his group of Icelandic horses around his Berkshire estate.